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Makeup for your hair! Easy to apply colored hair foam . To easily change the color of your hair. Its duration is from 1 to 3 washes, depending on the porosity of the hair. You can use a single shade on all hair, or one area, or combine shades in different sections and achieve spectacular fantasy looks. It allows you to cover gray hair between color services, change the tone of your hair for an event or try a new color before deciding on the final one. It is super easy to apply, it is fixed with the heat of the hairdryer, it does not damage the condition of your hair and its appearance and shine is totally natural.

How to use :

  • Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner as usual, dry with a towel and apply to damp hair.

  • Disposable gloves are required for application.

  • Shake the product vigorously so that it mixes well and that the foam comes out correctly.

  • Distribute the foam as desired in the sections to be treated or throughout the hair, depending on the results and the chosen look.

  • Immediately afterwards, with the hairdryer and the brush, dry completely and comb the hair so that the color remains fixed.

Depending on your needs and capabilities, each bottle can last approximately twelve applications.